Thursday, December 4, 2008

Old School Sexism and a Closeted Elf

Last night, as I decorated my Christmas tree, I had Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on in the background. When I was a little girl, my brother and I always decorated our family tree while watching Rudolph and Frosty, while nomming down on fresh-baked cookies and hot chocolate. (Yes. I did, really, have that Norman Rockwell Christmas. I honestly didn't realize other people didn't until I got much older.) Anyway, Rudolph is not quite what I remember it to be. Or rather, I'd blocked out lots of bits that make me annoyed.

The sexism throughout this show is just....*sigh* First, there's the fact that all Mrs. Claus seems to do nothing but run around feeding people. Santa treats her like a nuisance. Then, we have Rudolph's mother and Clarice. When Rudy goes missing, his father forbids them from looking for him. And once he's gone, they promptly set out on their own and get captured by the Bumble! Who tries to eat them, only to have Rudy and Co. end up rescuing them. Then, there's this condescending comment about Rudy deciding the best thing to do would be 'get the ladies back to town." ARG!!! It's not bad enough that they end up almost eaten, they also get talked down to. *sigh*

And none of the deer on Santa's sleigh are women either. Even though they are given names that could belong to either gender. Hmp.

Way to go, sexism. Destroy another childhood memory.

On the upside, Hermie really does seem quite gay, doesn't he? Here, have some funny:

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Daisy said...

Best line is: "We've got to get the women back to Christmastown!"