Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Hobbit

The second time I saw The Hobbit, I brought my two nieces with me. The 8-year old got bored and restless about an hour and a half in. The 4-year old, on the other hand, sat in my lap and watched the entire thing, refusing to leave when her sister suggested we cut out early.

So, as a movie for children, my not-so-scientific study yielded mixed results. As a movie for adults? Well, I saw it twice. And I'd see it again, if I were asked.

There were points where the movie dragged -- did we really need to stick around to listen to Gandalf and the gang discuss what a bad idea it was for the dwarves to head back to the Misty Mountain while the dwarves were, well, sneaking off to the mountain? The trolls were amusing enough, I suppose, and the storm giants were visually impressive, but I'm not sure they served the movie well. 

On the whole, however, the performances made up for the draggy bits. (Unless you're an 8 year old, it seems.) As someone who hasn't read the book (and frankly, I don't intend to), I can't tell you how much was added or subtracted from the movie. I can tell you that I found Richard Armitage's Thorin believable and only slightly annoying. (I've been told he's much more egotistical and arrogant in the book.) And Martin Freeman's Bilbo was fairly spot-on.  Easy to relate to as well, because who doesn't yearn for a bit of adventure while being too afraid to chase it down?

But really, everyone watches this for the dwarves. The pretty, pretty dwarves with their happy fighting and delightful accents. Pervvy dwarf fanciers, the whole lot of us. But really, look at him. Can you blame us? No. No you cannot.

I was disappointed that we didn't really get to the dragon until the very end. And I'm not pleased that there are THREE movies in this thing, but I'll go see them. Of course I will. I'm a pervvy dwarf fancier and there are pervvy dwarfs to fancy.

Also, dragons. Who doesn't love a dragon?

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